Eating Disorders & Addiction

Eating disorders drug addiction –  the shared characteristics & risks. Together, and apart, they are deadly. Research has shows links between drug abuse & eating disorders. About 9% of Americans abuse drugs or alcohol. Approximately 3% of the population has an eating disorder. Half of that 3% struggles with both.

Many people with eating disorders use caffeine, tobacco, cocaine and heroin to help weight control by suppressing appetite and stimulating metabolism. Some like the sedative or stimulant effects of these drugs. They alter mood, offering a distraction from negative emotions and poor body image. Individuals with eating disorders suffer from stress, either external or internal/emotional or both. Abusing drugs and alcoholism, invites depression, physical dependence, impulsive behavior and poor decision-making, damage to body organs and risk of death. Those with eating disorders are already caught in a cycle of obsessive thoughts and behaviors. Combined with substance abuse, the risks only multiply.

Eating Disorders Drug Addiction

Treatment for eating disorders and co-occurring substance abuse is available and effective. Both diseases must be address at the same time. Therapy, counseling, and medical interventions (if applicable) are components of well-rounded treatment programs. Facilities are available to help those who struggle with both eating disorders and substance abuse recovery.

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