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Diabulimia is an eating disorder. Many people who suffer from diabetes are insulin dependent. Some suffer from weight problems and some do not. But some of those patients who struggle with weight or body image issues have taken insulin use a step further. While insulin is a vital medication for some diabetics as their bodies no longer produce enough or any natural insulin. At the same time, insulin encourages fat storage in the body tissues, particularly at injection sites.

Diabulimia occurs when a person manipulates their doses of insulin, taking not what is directed but a limited amount – just enough to avoid diabetic ketoacidosis, increased acidity in the blood. This condition can be life threatening. Symptoms include confusion, poor appetite, frequent urination and slow, deep breathing. But this can also lead to loss of consciousness, coma and death.
Insulin should always be taken as directed. Improper insulin use or restricting insulin can result in dehydration, fatigue and a breakdown in muscle tissue. Without the appropriate amount of insulin, diabetics suffer an accelerated development of vascular disease, eye disease and kidney disease.

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