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Bulimia can be confusing to someone who doesn’t have it and seeking bulimia treatment might seem overwhelming. It is an exhilarating fact to discern that how many diseases are interrelated to the eating habits that one adopts. One such illness or disorder, which can occur to any individual due to the reason of bad eating habits, is called “bulimia”. Bulimia is in reality an eating disorder which occurs due to the disproportionate eating of odd combinations of food or due to the urge to remain in shape and shun the fear of getting fat. The main side affect of bulimia is throwing up. However, this poles apart from anorexia, where the people impede eating due to the fear of being fat and it changes into a constant severe syndrome. The people who are affected by bulimia are neither fat, nor they are thin like people in anorexia. In fact these individuals are near or almost touching the average weight.


Although there are not set rules for what really causes the bulimia. However, most of the studies show that:

• Most of the eating disorders occur in the relatives of people who are already passing through bulimia. This means that people who have a direct relative with bulimia will be more prone to the eating disorder than other ordinary people.
• Studies have shown that the levels of chemicals and fluids present in the brain, is also a key to the factor of depression. It is known that most of the individuals are either have low self-esteem or have fear of becoming fat.


Bulimia can be developed at any time and you may never know it until and unless you have proper knowledge about it. However, the most palpable and early symptoms of bulimia include the over concerned of body weight and shape. The individuals look kind of obsessed with their body shape and weight and they often try not to disclose their binge and purge habits too others. There might also be other symptoms like tooth cavities, vomiting blood (in severe cases), swelling of neck gland and depression or mood swings.


A very frequently asked question is that who exactly re the people whoa re more prone to become influenced by bulimia. Studies and research shows that women aged 15-25 are the most common victims of bulimia. They fall prey to bulimia by following the beauty trends. The victim uses self created tricks for vomiting. They vomit in order to take the food out.


However there are NO home remedies for bulimia available. Bulimia is a very destructive and a serious disorder like anorexia. However, early prevention or interruption/intervention  is the key to success. Therefore, if you see some unusual eating disorder in a member of your family, you should take it seriously and help them to get on the road to recovery as soon as possible.

However you should always remember that there hope for recovery.

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