Eating Disorder Rehabs & Providers

Eating Disorder Rehabs

Eating Disorder Rehabs has offered clients eating disorder treatment in various locations in multiple levels of care. EdRehabs helps clients and their families find the right eating disorder rehab, treatment program, individual providers,  eating disorder education, information and support to find the inspiration to get the help they need. EdRehabs includes resources such as eating disorder articles, blogs, webinars, and clinical eating disorder scenarios that help inform, shift, grow and direct next steps for client care.

Eating disorder rehabs provide treatment for clients with bulimia, binge eating disorder, anorexia, body image distortion and the co-occurring and/or dual diagnosis disorders that accompany them. EdRehabs has providers and eating disorder treatment centers that support the life change of recovery from eating disorders.

Unlike other resources, all providers on EdRehabs are listed in their discipline and cannot buy categories outside their services offerings. EdRehabs is truly the most trusted eating disorder resource site and that is necessary when we are in crisis and looking for something we can count for eating disorder rehab or an eating disorder provider.

EdRehabs mission is to help families and potential eating disorder rehab clients get quality help, solid information, a compassionate approach, applicable guidance, and with all hope a path to recovery. It is never easy – honestly it is downright a hard road, however, it is worth it – YOU are worth it. That is often the hardest thing to accept, the very simple fact that you are worth it, AND it is true, just that true and that simple – you ARE! So, the next step, you ask? Well, that depends on what is needed. There is information about eating disorder screenings, interventions, treatment levels of care, providers of course, and so much more. Please use our resources on our site, facebook, and twitter accounts. Call us if you need to. Call the providers on our site for your therapeutic and eating disorder rehab needs.