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Eating disorders can often be life altering illnesses with the possibility of lethal, long-term health problems. Anorexia nervosa, bulimia, and binge-eating are 3 of the most common eating disorders that are seen today. They can all be very dangerous and will require professional treatment if a full recovery is to be expected.

The most common of the 3 disorders is becoming more widely known and accepted as the “binge-eating” disorder. This is identified when a person is known to habitually consume very large quantities of food without the use of self-purging methods. The high intake of calories can often lead to obesity, (which also carries life threatening consequences, such as resulting heart problems and diabetes.) Eating becomes an addiction for the patient to struggle with and strive to overcome. Treatment methods for binge-eating can be similar to that for addiction to drugs and alcohol. Individual assessment will allow for a proper treatment plan to be introduced. Group and individual therapy sessions will most likely be implemented with a nutritional health education program.

Bulimia is widely known for the “self-purging” methods used to acquire weight loss at a staggering rate. Patients diagnosed with bulimia usually eat more regular than those suffering from the sister disorder known as anorexia. However, these patients will attempt to induce vomiting or even to increase bowel movements with the abuse of laxatives. The body does not receive the required nutrition and weight loss occurs. Long-term health effects can include heart problems, depression, and even sterility in women. You may also notice a marked progression in the deterioration of the teeth and gums. This occurs when the acid that is carried up from their stomach during self-purging methods erodes the teeth’s enamel. Cavities and gum infections can become a problem and real concern. Furthermore, bulimia can cause severe dehydration. It is usually an electrolyte imbalance that is the leading cause of death among bulimic victims.

Anorexia is often the most sudden and severe of the 3 mentioned eating disorders. It is marked by the decision being made by a person to stop eating entirely. In the beginning, you will not normally see increased encounters of self-purging methods because there is no food being digested from the start. Only when they are forced to eat will you begin to see the start of self-purging methods. Anorexia can also cause delusional images of a person when viewing their own reflection in the mirror. In their eyes they see an overweight person staring back at them when in reality they are very frail and gaunt, marked by the progression of the disease. Death is more commonly found in victims of anorexia than in any of the other eating disorders.

Professional assistance and guidance from a qualified doctor becomes imperative when facing the problems associated with an eating disorder. If left untreated, any of these illnesses can have long-term and devastating health effects. Professional treatment and care secured with a strong support group can mean the difference between life and death when suffering from an eating disorder.

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