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Dieting - Eating Disorders

Dieting – Eating Disorders? What do they have in common? Dieting is a western culture obsession. More than 80% of women are unhappy with their appearance and 50% of American women are on a diet. The entertainment and marketing media constantly preaches the importance of being thin. Audiences are told that being thin and beautiful and young will bring happiness, success, money, a great job and even real love. Men and

Nutrition Eating Disorder Treatment

Nutrition Eating Disorder Treatment Call Today (888) 360-1333 Eating disorders result in psychological and medical consequences, affecting a person’s emotional and physical health. Treatment of eating disorders includes psychological counseling, medical intervention (if needed) and nutritional counseling. Many who struggle with eating disorders have educated themselves and know well food’s caloric values. To restore health, it is imperative that they learn food’s nutritional value and the importance of food’s role in

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Family Therapy in Eating Disorders Eating disorders are most prevalent in young women, be regardless of age and gender, the people who care about the person suffering need counseling, education. The family will continue to support this person beyond the time of treatment. They will all continue in their relationships. When someone is in treatment for an eating disorder, it is a pivotal time in her life. Almost everything in

Holistic Therapy in eating disorder treatment

Holistic Therapy Holistic Therapy in Eating Disorder Treatment Call Today (888) 360-1333 Holistic Therapy in eating disorder treatment considers wellness of the whole person – mind, body and spirit. It is an integrative, multi-disciplinary approach to wellness and many treatment modalities are used. This approach is particular effective when treatment patients who have suffered physical or emotional trauma. Psychological therapy may include cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT). CBT is

When Pregnancy Meets an Eating Disorders

In a story by Kathryn Balch on Good Morning America in 2009 she spoke about a young woman by the name of Melissa Henriquezth and her experience with pregnancy and her eating disorder.  Melissa was pregnant with her first child. Melissa also hates fat. She told Kathryn of the moment she went to put on her favorite jeans and could not button them up. If it were any other time,

Women's Treatment

Women have different perspectives and needs when it comes to treatment for addictions, eating disorders, and other mental and behavioral health issues. Research shows that women are more likely than men to recognize the signs of a mental health problem and seek treatment. The type of treatment that works best for one woman may differ from another. While some find healing in treatment with other women, others may feel most

Family Therapy

Family Therapy Family therapy brings parents, siblings and extended family members such as aunts, uncles and grandparents into the treatment process. The family system has its own structure and patterns of communication, which may be defined by parenting style, personalities and other influences. Every individual is, in part, a product of the environment they grew up in. Family plays an important role in our emotional, physical and spiritual development since

Eating Disorder Rehab

Eating Disorder Rehab Call Today (888) 360-1333 Eating disorder rehab or seeing an eating disorder treatment provider can help. An eating disorder can disrupt many lives and make things challenging for all of those involved. Attaining professional treatment for eating disorders, like anorexia or bulimia, is crucial to the well being of an afflicted person’s mental and physical health. Without proper diagnosis and treatment, eating disorders like these can cause

Yoga Eating Disorder Recovery

Yoga Yoga can be helpful for eating disorder recovery and can also be used abusively as an active eating disorder behavior. Know the benefits. Call Today (888) 360-1333 Physical exercise is essential for balanced health but traditional aerobic exercise brings an emphasis on calorie and fat burning. For those recovering from eating disorders, this mindset and practice can contribute to cycles of unhealthy thoughts: self-judgment, self-loathing and the compulsive need

Dual diagnosis treatment

Dual diagnosis treatment helps with co-occurring alcohol or drug addiction & mental health disorders like an eating disorder, depression or anxiety. It is also called co-occurring disorder. The following pairings are among the most common forms of dual diagnosis: Depression and Addiction Anxiety and Addiction Bipolar Disorder and Addiction Personality Disorders and Addiction Schizophrenia and Addiction Drug and alcohol addiction is often accompanied by co-occurring emotional, psychological and/or psychiatric conditions. Studies show