Eating Disorder Help & Tips

Eating Disorder Help is hard to provide. Finding information and knowing the right things to say, the right things to do can be a challenge and hard to navigate. There are some solutions. One thing, the most important thing to know is YOU can’t fix the eating disorder. You CAN help your loved one get help and navigate them to get the help they need. AND there are steps you can take to support them compassionately while you are finding them help. Recovering from an eating disorder takes time and it is often not a straight line to recovery – there can be setbacks. This should be expected as a part of the road to recovery. This approach will encourage the person with the eating disorder to continue to fight against their eating disorder for their recovery. Shame in a setback can defeat them and the eating disorder wins. The longer the person can dedicate to setting the foundation for recovery the better opportunity they have for sustainable recovery.

Eating Disorder Help

Eating Disorder Help – What You Can Do To Help Today (888) 360-1333 Eating disorder help for our loved ones is what we want to provide the most and what is also the hardest give at the time they need it. Do you suspect that your friend or loved one is suffering from an eating disorder? Perhaps you have observed a significant loss or gain of weight, eating rituals, you

eating disorder prevention

Eating Disorder Prevention: How Can You Be Proactive? Preventing an eating disorder, like prevention of other self-destructive behaviors, begins with education. Through education and awareness, our society can eventually prevent some occurrences of an eating disorder. Programs focus on preventing disordered eating before it starts and they promote balanced health, body image, and positive self-esteem. Successful programs also educate participants on the signs and symptoms of eating disorders. Recognizing the

Emotional Eating

As far back as I can remember food has been the center of all our family events. When I say family I am using it in the old fashioned description to include your immediate family (Mom, Dad and siblings), grandparents from both sides of the family, aunts and uncles from both sides, and of course the cousins. For every birth, every death, every anniversary and wedding, every monumental accomplishment (everyone’s)

Perfectionism Drives Eating Disorders

Perfectionism Drives Eating Disorders Call Today (888) 360-1333 Perfectionism can be a healthy personality trait – one that drives personal ambition, a desire for excellence and for success. But perfectionism at its extreme is destructive. It can lead to obsessive-compulsive disorder and to feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness and depression. It is a maladaptive way of coping with negative feelings and stress. It can prevent a person from feeling good about

Midlife Eating Disorders

Midlife Eating Disorders Call Today (888) 360-1333 Midlife Eating Disorders Often have been present yet undetected due to life situations and can catch you by surprise that they are still there. Anorexia and bulimia used to be considered diseases that afflicted only young women but recently healthcare professionals are seeing men and women in their 30 and 40s and older struggling as well. Some struggled with anorexia or bulimia in

Celebrities Eating Disorders

Celebrities Eating Disorders and how that impacts the public.  Call Today (888) 360-1333 Many celebrities have struggled with eating disorders and have come forward to tell their stories to help others. Here are some of their stories and how they found help. Lady Gaga recently opened up that she has battled anorexia and bulimia since she was 15 years old. She recently gained 25 healthy pounds and, after flack from

Eating Disorders and Shoplifting

Eating Disorders and Shoplifting Call Today (888) 360-1333 Shoplifting and eating disorders have a commonality in impulsivity and obsessive thoughts. Some who suffer from bulimia or compulsive eating also struggle with shoplifting. As with a food addiction, there is a habit of hoarding food or objects, a rush of adrenaline associated with taking items not paid for, and the depression, embarrassment and shame that follows. Bulimic shoppers usually steal items associated

Financial Impact of Eating Disorders

The Financial Impact of Eating Disorders Call Today (888) 360-1333 All forms of eating disorders impacts the suffering individual as well as family, friends, employers and the community. The emotional and physical effects are devastating. The financial impact of eating disorders is rarely considered. For the binge eater, the cost of food – whether eating at home or in the community – can be significant. But beyond this, all individuals who

Eating Disorder Facts Help!

Eating Disorder Facts Help! Eating disorder facts help provide recovery or intervention. Eating disorders are usually categorized into 3 main types: anorexia nervosa, bulimia, and binge-eating disorders. The exact cause an eating disorder is unknown but thought to be contributing factors are low self-esteem, social stresses, and a distorted view of one’s self. Getting help to interrupt an eating disorder is imperative as an eating disorder such as bulimia and anorexia can be life